Our Trustees

Meet the Trustees of the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation;


Martin Hawthorne 

Trustees Martin HawthorneMartin is a highly respected member of the business community and is the current Managing Director of a £100m+ turnover UK business, with extensive business management and training experience. Martin has previous experience of supporting numerous other Charities both personally and financially in order to help them achieve their Charitable Objectives. A HMRC and Financial Conduct Authority registered Responsible Person, Martin will bring a Professional approach to the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation and will work closely alongside the other Trustees in an advisory role to establish our protocols and make sure the Charity runs in accordance with our Governing Document.


Martin Ballard

Trustees Martin BallardMartin brings a wealth of experience to the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation having run his own Marketing and Events Companies and also managed large Shopping Centres around the UK. Martin has extensive knowledge of project delivery having delivered successful events and conventions involving TV and Film stars. Marketing and PR are particular strengths of Martin’s and his enthusiasm and creativity will be valuable assets to the Charity. As a trustee, Martin will provide advice and guidance on our Fundraising and Events programme and will work closely with our volunteers and other Trustee to plan and deliver successful projects.


Kerry Metcalf

kerry-metcalf-imageKerry is a mum to three children and knows exactly what its like trying to keep young people entertained. Kerry will use her energy and enthusiasm to organise our fundraising events and to make sure that they run smoothly. Creativity is a big part of Kerry’s role and she will bring this in abundace. She will work closely with the Trustee Board on the Charity events and will have the responsibility for the booking of venues, acts and entertainment, and making sure that all attendees of our events have a great time. First and foremost, she knows first hand what its like to have young children that need to be occupied.


Phil Welbourne

Phil Welbourne

Phil is Cathie’s older brother. Phil has worked in the chemical processing industry throughout his adult life, but he has been able to retain his childish exhuberance and his fun, and he brings that on board with the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation in bucketloads. In his time outside of work, Phil gives his time as a party entertainer and DJ, and runs events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, themed nights and more. He also recently entertained the children of the Liverpool FC first team at their annual Christmas party and received very high praise for keeping everybody entertained. 


Dan Thompson

Dan is a well respected Director and Personal Injuries Solcitor at a major solicitors practice in the North West. Bringing to the Charity a wealth of legal knowledge and expertise, Dan will add much value to the back-end compliance for the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation. Experienced acrossed HR, Business Management and Fundraising, Dan has also sat as a School Governor for 10 years (2 as Chair) and has been involved in many different fundraising activities in that role. Dan is also an active member of his local church and counts among his many hobbies, the sport of Rugby League.


Anne-Marie Hughes

Anne-Marie is a former Army Medic/Nurse of 21 years. She is incredibly passionate about the welfare of children and young people and furthermore the provision of inclusion opportunities for those children and young people who are disadvantaged. Anne-Marie already has a wealth of previous fundraising experience and as well as experience of working as part of a committee and also working as a secretary of a registered Charity based at a local hospital. Anne-Marie is bubbling with enthusiasm to make a positive difference and will be a huge asset as a Trustee for the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation.


Stephen Plant

Steve spent 42 years as a member of Cheshire Police, with 31 years as a Police Office and Detective in Halton and Warrington. Working alongside and within the local Community for so long, Steve knows first hand the issues that the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation will address, and he will add extensive skills and experience to our Trustee Board, particularly in the areas of Safeguarding and Child protection, to make sure that all policies and procedures are watertight. Steve will also use his background to help the Charity put in place rigorous systems for data protection, online communication and also decision making systems.