fundraising collections tubsThe Cathie Stankevitch Foundation relies heavily on the generosity of kind-hearted people supporting us across Widnes, Runcorn, St Helens and the surrounding areas.

Our fundraising is vital to our existence and our ability to help others.

Our sources of income include counter top collection tubs, online competitions, raffles, auctions, evening events and fundraising challenges.

We also apply for small grants to help us specifically with the delivery of our projects, but our ‘regular’ income sources require lots of hard work and organisation, to help us bring in the funds to enable us to print posters, put fuel in our ReSport Project collection van, maintain our website and many others things that support the day-to-day running of the Charity.


2017 was a very busy year for us in terms of our fundraising activities.

There was a Velocity Zip Wire Challenge, two Soul and Motown Nights, Community Fun Days, and even a Bikeathon!

2018 is set to be even busier, with a full program of events planned which will include a Comic-Con, a Silly Games event, a Christmas Ball, as well as evening events covering everything from Soul and Motown, to 80’s Disco and Rock.

Please take a look here at our UPCOMING EVENTS where you will find more information on some of the things we have planned for this year.

Also take a look below at our 2017 Velocity Zip Wire Challenge, to give you a feel for what we have in the planning for 2018 when it comes to the ‘extreme’!


Velocity Zip Wire Charity Challenge