Velocity Zip Wire Charity Challenge

Its fantastic to say that WE DID IT!!

On Sunday 13th August 2017, 40 brave souls put their bodies on the line in the name of Charity, agreeing to be strapped to a Zip Wire in the middle of slate mountains in Bethesda, North Wales, to then fly head first over a gorge and lake at over 100mph.

It might not sound like your idea of fun but the feedback from all participants was amazing, with some even booking the event with their families to try it out all over again!

The fastest Zip Wire in the World was the venue for this ‘extreme’ challenge which was originally scheduled to take place in May, but due to high winds was postponed until August.

The postponement only seemed to fuel the excitement of all those taking part, but on arrival in Wales, the nerves were there for all to see.

Not a surprise though, as we all were able to see quite clearly other participants facing their fears and flying overhead.

Quite astonishingly, nobody gave in to their inner voice and each and every volunteer participated and contributed to a fantastic event and evening.

A figure of over £2,000 was raised from this challenge which is as breathtaking as the challenge itself!!

Funds raised from this Challenge will be used towards the renovation of our Charity premises and the subsequent delivery of activities that are planned such as our free Young People’s Self Defence classes.

The Cathie Stankevitch Foundation is in the process of organising a full calendar of events and challenges for 2018, so keep a look out for what will be happening as there might just be a challenge that excites you or helps you to face your own fear.