Sports Predictor Launched

The Cathie Stankevitch Foundation has launched the Sports Predictor across pubs in Halton with the aim being to further support the fundraising efforts that are currently in place for the registered Charity.

The monthly competition will see prizes awarded for the most correct guesses picked from the 15 selected sports events.

For just £2, entrants can win event tickets, signed sports memorabilia, short breaks and even cash prizes, with all additional funds raised going to the Charity and its local community projects such as the ReSport initiative and also the renovation and refurbishment of donated office space which will be soon transformed into a learning hub for young people.

Every month there will be a variety of different events covering numerous sports and the August launch of the Sports Predictor will see entrants have to choose the outcome of the much anticipated Boxing event between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor.

The August predictor will also feature Cricket test matches, Premier League fixtures, International Hockey and both Rugby Union and Rugby League fixtures. There will be something for every sports fan to think about.

The Sports Predictor will also be run online alongside the manual entry method in the local pubs.

To enter for August, simply click the link below to pay your £2 entry fee, and the entry form will be emailed directly to you for completion.