Fundraising Stall Co-Ordinators


Fundraising is hugely important to the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation. We are a small local Charity that works very hard to make a difference in the local community, but without incoming funds we are unable to make that difference.

Our fundraising helps with the day-to-day running of the Charity and also contributes to the projects that we run.

About this Opportunity

Volunteers are required to help with a variety of one off fundraising opportunities. These may include the staffing of a fundraising stall at a community event such as a summer fair or gala, the staffing of a collection table at the local market or train station, and the distribution of Charity information through leaflets, at such events/locations.

The volunteer roles will vary depending on the type of event or location but all roles will require the collection of donations through Charity collection buckets or tubs. 

We are looking for people who may be able to volunteer for a morning or afternoon, or even for a full day where required.

Practical Considerations

Volunteers will preferably be 14+ years and able to travel by vehicle or by foot to the location required. There may be a requirement to carry Charity promotional materials to the event/location, such as banners, leaflets, table, chair etc…so this must be taken into account. Travel expenses can be claimed back if required and the cost for food/drink can be reinbursed if previously agreed.

Additional Information

We are looking for individuals that are reliable and trustworthy as the role will require the potential handling of money. A DBS check may be required in some circumstances. References will be required in all cases.

If you consider yourself to be a friendly, chatty, outgoing person, then we would love to hear from you. The roles will be varied and some may involve standing or sitting for long periods, such as ‘bag packs’. People can choose to come along in this role when they can.

If you are interested in a volunteer role above, please contact John at