ReSport Laundry Volunteers


ReSport is our primary community project for 2017. We currently have 0ver 40 local schools across Halton Borough that are collecting unwanted sportswear and sports equipment on a regular basis from pupils and families in the local area, as well as us having drop-off points in all of the local Co-Op stores and Community Centres.

Donated items are then taken to our storage facility and laundered, before being redistributed to individuals and families in need across Halton.

About this Opportunity

We are looking to recruit numerous volunteers for this particular role which will involve the washing and ironing of items of sportswear that is donated to the ReSport Project. Items will need to be collected from our storage facility, laundered, and then returned to the storage facility ready to be distributed to disadvantaged families across Halton. The role is absolutely vital to the project and can be carried out on flexible terms. There will also be the requirement to clean sports equipment such as football boots, rugby head guards, cricket shin pads etc….and potentially some items will also need minor repairs.

Practical Considerations

At the moment, the role will be carried out in the volunteers own home but expenses incurred such as washing powder, softener etc…will be reinbursed. The role would suit somebody aged 18+. Travel expenses can be claimed if required.

Additional Information

Due to the nature of the role, we prefer ‘non-smoking’ volunteers and also volunteers without pets, so that items returned to the storage facility are ready for distribution in the best possible condition. There are no formal character requirements for this position other than previous experience of washing and ironing clothing.

A DBS check may be required in some circumstances. References will be required in all cases.

If this role sounds like something that would be of interest and you feel strongly that you could be an asset to the Charity, please contact John at