Halton Schools Support ReSport

Halton Schools Support ReSport

School BadgesThe recent launch of the ReSport Halton project has certainly gained much interest from the people of Halton and particularly from the schools within the Borough.

ReSport Halton will provide members of the local community with the opportunity to donate unwanted sportswear or sports equipment, which will then be laundered and made available for those in the community that are in some way disadvantaged and unable to access the sporting opportunities that other people are able to.

Since the launch on 1st February, the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation has been inunda
ted with email from headteachers, PE teachers and school governors who would like to support the efforts of the ReSport Halton project and it is clear from the many conversations that have taken place, that there is a real need to also provide sporting opportunities which are either heavily subsidised or even free, outside of school hours, for families of children and young people particularly, who are facing barriers to participation.

29 of Halton’s schools have already received the ReSport flyers and they are well under way in distributing the information to their pupils, parents and teachers. We anticipate to increase this number substantially over the coming weeks as the project continues to gain momentum, and we expect every school in Halton Borough to support what will no doubt become a very important part of the lives of local families that are struggling to make ends meet.

Sports Opportunities

The current list of schools supporting the ReSport Halton project can be found below, and if you have a son or daughter who attends one of these schools, if you havent done so already, you will be receiving a ReSport flyer which will provide all the instructions needed as to how you can engage with us.

Whether you want to donate sportswear or sports equipment, if you would like to access some of the stock of items that we have available, or if you are interested in hearing more about the sports sessions that we will be running in 2017, you can contact us via email at john@resportuk.com or fund@cathiestankevitchfoundation.co.uk, or you can contact John Stankevitch directly on 07958 430 525.

Supporting Schools

All Saints Upton, Ditton, Hale Bank, Hallwood Park, Holy Family Cronton, Lunts Heath, St Bedes, St John Fisher, St Marys, St Michaels, Windmill Hill, St Chads, Widnes Academy, Ormiston Chadwick Academy, Palacefields, Sandymoor, Oakfield, Holy Spirit, Runcorn All Saints, Brookfields, Cavendish High Academy, Halton Lodge, St Peter and Pauls, Daresbury, St Clements, Wade Deacon, Westfield, Pewithall, Beechwood