Struggling on a Low Income?

Struggling on a Low Income?

Registered Charity, the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation, has launched a consultation process in which we are looking to engage with families residing in Widnes and Runcorn, who are struggling to live, day-to-day, on a low income and who are reliant on benefits for survival.

We are particularly keen to hear from families whose financial situation is effecting family life, and in particular where it is impacting negatively on the younger people within the family.

The consultation will be completely confidential and non advisory at this stage, but our aim is to create a positive provision using the information that is discussed.

The goal is to highlight disadvantages and barriers faced by local people who are excluded from opportunities within Halton due to financial restrictions, and subsequently put a programme of interventions in place to help local families in a positive way.

Families that work with us on this consultation will enable us to make a real and measurable difference for other local families as well as themselves.

The consultation process would involve a visit to your home and without being invasive, we would be looking to gain an understanding of your routines, through asking a series of questions.

If this is an opportunity that is of interest to you, please contact us confidentially at or call us on 0151 423 6628 (between 10am – 4pm weekdays).