Matt Fiddes Partnership

Matt Fiddes Partnership

In Partnership with Master Steve James from Matt Fiddes Martial Arts, the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation has launched its ‘Self’ Project, which aims to improve the Self Esteem and Self Confidence of children and young people through Martial Arts techniques.

The Project takes place during school hours and is delivered by Martial Arts expert Master Steve, to boys and girls in school years 5, 6, 7 and 8, from schools in Widnes and Runcorn.

The project focusses on working through a 6 week programme of 1 hour sessions which incorporate lots of actions as well as discussions around the topics of discipline, focus, enthusiasm and respect.

The Martial Arts element of the project is defence and ‘blocking’ based, to enable the young people engaged to gain confidence and self belief.

The overall objective is for the children and young people to learn skills that can be then used in school and outside of school, to improve their lives.

The feedback received from school and the participating children and young people has been fantastic and we now have a waiting list of other local schools that we will begin working with from September onwards.