The Cathie Stankevitch Foundation is a registered Charity based in Widnes, which supports local people and families across Halton, St Helens, Liverpool, Warrington and surrounding areas.

We operate in many different ways but at the heart of our Charity is helping people to live a better life.

The Charity delivers our own initiatives and projects, as well as supporting other local organisations in their community work.

We are a self sufficient operation that generates our own funds through the hard work of our staff and volunteers, but this means that we need the support of our local communities to help us give back to those most in need.

Our day-to-day operations include providing property services from which we generate donations of goods, that we sell in our high street shops in Widnes. This is our primary source of income.

The Cathie Stankevitch Foundation is constantly evolving and as the need for different types of support grows from local people and families, our service adapts to that need.

In our 5 years of operation, we have supported hundreds of children, young people and adults across the North West and we aim to continue the provide vital support with your help.