Our #mymum Campaign Goes Live

Our #mymum Campaign Goes Live

Mobile Phone March 2016 674On Friday 4th March the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation launched what we hope will be a campaign that everybody can get behind.

Our #mymum campaign was launched to coincide with Mothers Day weekend and we were very kindly supported in our launch by St Helens Rugby League Club, Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club and Widnes Wild Ice Hockey Club.

The #mymum campaign has been set up not just to be a short term campaign, but to run from the day it was launched….forever. 

So what is the #mymum campaign all about?

At times, I think we have all been guilty of taking for granted the most special person in the World to us all, our mum. It’s easy to take for granted somebody who will always be there for you and who will always support you.Mobile Phone March 2016 724

You call on your mum in times of need and certainly in the case of our mum Cathie Stankevitch, she was the rock of our family and she was the person that we could all depend on.

The #mymum campaign is a campaign about ‘appreciation’ of all our mums and we hope the campaign will highlight that we should all appreciate everything that our mums do for us, every day, after all they are the people that brought us into this World.

The #mymum twitter hashtag will be used to promote our campaign and we have some great ‘mum’ ideas for 2016 and beyond.

So how can you get involved?

We ask you to use the #mymum hashtag on twitter and other social media outlets such as Facebook, to tell the World about the great things that YOUR mum does for YOU.

Widnes Wild photo 1The #mymum campaign is about everybodies mum.

Maybe you would even like to get your thoughts on video and tell the World exactly what your mum means to you?

If you’d like to do that, tag us into your video on Twitter or on Facebook and we will enter you into our free #mymum competition which will be drawn on the last day of each month.

We have available some fantastic prizes, so why not help us to spread the #mymum message and get involved with our ‘mum appreciation campaign’.


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