Re-Sport Project is Launched

Re-Sport Project is Launched

13692284_10209866467477962_477937847_oThe Re-Sport initiative was put together as a means of re-distributing unused sports items and clothing within the local community to people who may need these items in order to participate in sport.

But more than that, the initiative could be seen as a way of boosting the self esteem of the people that are engaged, as they may be receiving items through the re-distribution that they may not ordinarily have the opportunity to own.

When I was playing Professional Rugby League about 10 years ago, I remember a project which I think was called ‘Kits for Kids’ and this project was run by a Papua New Guinea player. He would go around the amateur rugby league clubs and collect old kits, with those kits being sent over to Papua New Guinea.

I was rummaging through my son’s cupboards and I found a handful of football kits that no longer fitted him. He had simply outgrown them since last season, but there was nothing at all wrong with them.

Thinking about the ‘Kits for Kids’ project, I thought there was an opportunity to do something locally for the young people in our communities that may not get the opportunity to participate in sport.

By us all looking through our drawers, cupboards, sheds and garages, I’m sure we will find items that we no longer use, or clothing that is no longer worn. If these items are in good condition, and could be used again or worn by somebody else, I think it is our duty to donate them to the Re-Sport Project so that other people, maybe less fortunate than ourselves, will see the benefit.

The Re-Sport Project will accept items at our drop off points and we will collect them in our warehouse. Once we have reached a certain volume we will begin holding re-distribution events whereby community members can come along and either swap items ‘like for like, donating their own unused items, or they can take items away in exchange for an affordable donation.

All donations received through the project will be used to deliver sports inclusion programmes and opportunities for local people in the areas where the donations have been given.

So please, if you have anything that you no longer use that is sports related, or if you have any items of sports clothing that are either unworn or too small, then please consider dropping them off at one of our drop off points locally.

We are particularly looking to receive items of clothing that are suitable for children and young people.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us either through our website or through our Re-Sport Facebook and Twitter pages which can be found here;