ReSport Project

ReSport Project

The ReSport Project was officially launched on Wednesday 1st February 2017, with a presentation to local Councillors, Schools, Sports Clubs and Business Heads.

Launching as a 12 month ‘pilot’ in Halton, the focus was on delivering a project which gave disadvantaged local people the clothing and equipment needed to participate in sports activities.

Taking used and unused sports equipment and sportswear donated by members of the local community, we created a re-distribution program that tackle the barriers that many people faced across Widnes and Runcorn.

Halton is an area of high deprivation and poverty and in particular this negatively effects the local children and young people. All children and young people should be able to access sports, but quite often in areas such as Halton, parents cannot afford the sportswear, equipment and in some cases the membership fees or ongoing ‘subs’. 

The ReSport Project wanted that to change and the project continues to grow and have a positive impact, particularly for young people, with our local communities.

The latest news from the ReSport Project sees us take the project further afield and specifically into St Helens where we will be working in partnership with the fantastic St Helens RLFC Community Foundation and over 40 schools that they already work closely with.

Its a very exciting time for the project and we are sure the partnership will see ReSport impact positively on even more local people.

To find out more about the ReSport Project and how you can get involved, please take a look at the website, which will also give you more information on how you can donate or receive items –> 

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