Can You Spare Some Time To Volunteer?

Can You Spare Some Time To Volunteer?

Local registered Charity the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation is on a mission to find volunteers that can help take the Halton based organisation to the next level. 

The Foundation, formed in late 2015 and registered as a Charity in September 2016, continues to grow and through the recently launched ReSport Halton project numerous exciting opportunities have emerged for local volunteers to join the organisation and help make a positive difference.

Based on Dennis Road in Widnes, the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation have a facility that is used to store, organise and distribute donated sportswear and sports equipment back into the community for the benefit of local people that may be in some way disadvantaged, but the Charity has now reached a point whereby they are desperate for help.

John Stankevitch, founder of the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation said “the Charity has enjoyed an amazing growth period for the past 12 months, with an active events programme helping us to raise funds for our community projects. We have collection tubs in most of the pubs and social clubs across Halton, with the funds raised through these tubs helping to sustain us on a day to day basis. But we have now reached a really critical point whereby we are desperate for volunteers to come on board and help us to have an even bigger impact.

We have numerous roles to fill, with some of the roles only needing a few hours commitment per month, but these are the important jobs that go unnoticed but are hugely important. Since the Charity was formed, I have worked alone and I am told by many people that I have made giant strides, but my ambition for the Charity is huge, and I realise that I can’t achieve the goals on my own. I’d really love to work alongside some passionate and driven volunteers who can help us really make a huge difference to others”.

Overall there are currently 8 volunteer opportunities available within the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation, with roles suitable for both young and older people, including collection tub managers, events coordinators, leaflet distributors and also laundry volunteers. 

John said “each of the roles require a different skill set but we will also offer training and guidance for each of the roles. We can also provide our volunteers with travel expenses and offer courses to increase knowledge and experience for those who come on board with us”.

All volunteer opportunities inclduding instructions on how to apply can be found here –>