Mum tragically lost her life on Sunday 27th September 2015.

It was a usual Sunday afternoon, mum and dad were walking back home after taking their dogs on the local field by their house, when they were struck on the footpath by an out of control vehicle. 

I got the phone-call from a neighbour of my parents around 3.40pm to let me know there had been a serious accident and by the time I had reached the hospital, the Doctors were trying to save mums’ life.

From arriving at the hospital, everything was a blur and to this day, I can’t remember specifics, only that it seemed frantic.

Despite doing everything they could, mum lost her life that afternoon and our World changed forever.

How can something like this happen? It’s a question that I asked myself that day, and I continue to ask myself every day and no doubt will never have an answer anytime soon.

Mum was amazing and brought up myself and my sister in a loving family home, where we had opportunities to grow into adults with the same morals and values as her.

She was kind hearted and self-less and would always go over the top to make somebody else feel special.

Birthdays and Christmas’ were a particularly special time in our house as mum would go above and beyond to make the days extra special and something to remember. 

Mum was such a charitable person by nature and would always support worthy causes when the opportunity arose.

Not only had we lost our mum, but dad had lost his wife and our nan had lost her daughter aged just 54 years old.

It was a tragedy that should never have happened, but to rationalise whether it should have happened, tears us to pieces.

In memory of mum, our family decided to make an effort to keep mums memory alive and to try and create a legacy whereby through mums name, we could try and impact positivily on local children, young people, adults and families that are having a hard time.

Whether that be trying to help out financially in some way, or by providing a supportive environment, or maybe even gifting items that will make a direct positive change in their lives.

Family, happiness and opportunity are 3 important core values that our Charity is focussed upon and our day-to-day activities are driven towards those core values.







Meet the Trustees of the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation;

Stephen Plant

Steve spent 42 years as a member of Cheshire Police, with 31 years as a Police Office and Detective in Halton and Warrington. Working alongside and within the local Community for so long, Steve knows first hand the issues that the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation will address, and he will add extensive skills and experience to our Trustee Board, particularly in the areas of Safeguarding and Child protection, to make sure that all policies and procedures are watertight. Steve uses his background to help the Charity put in place rigorous systems for data protection, online communication and also decision making systems.

Anne-Marie Hughes

Anne-Marie is a former Army Medic/Nurse of 21 years. She is incredibly passionate about the welfare of children and young people and furthermore the provision of inclusion opportunities for those children and young people who are disadvantaged. Anne-Marie already has a wealth of previous fundraising experience and as well as experience of working as part of a committee and also working as a secretary of a registered Charity based at a local hospital. Anne-Marie is bubbling with enthusiasm to make a positive difference and is a huge asset as a Trustee for the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation.

Sally Harvey

Sally Harvey has over 25 years’ experience of working with young people across the Halton Area as a Level 6 Qualified Information Advice and Guidance Practitioner and has worked in a variety of settings including schools and colleges.  Sally has vast experience of working with the most vulnerable young people and their families within the local community and has worked with numerous support agencies across the borough. Sally is passionate about working with young people and believes by providing outstanding support and guidance and promoting high standards of behaviour and encouraging young people to grow and develop emotionally, young people will be able to grasp opportunities and meet the complex challenges of the 21st century.

Kerry Metcalf


Lisa Stankevitch


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